Kitchen Stove Fulgor

Kitchen Stove Fulgor 4GGW 50.00x85.00x60.00 cm
Fulgor 4GGW

type of oven: gas; type of hob: gas;
50.00x85.00x60.00 cm
Kitchen Stove Fulgor 4GGW
manufacturer: Fulgor
width (cm): 50.00
depth (cm): 60.00
height (cm): 85.00
switches: slewing
management cooker: mechanical
colour: white
drawer sideboard

type of hob: gas
surface material: enamel
gas burners: 4

type of oven: gas
type oven: folding
gas control
the number of glass panes of oven: 2
cleaning oven: traditional
oven features: backlight
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Please help the project: Thank you!

Kitchen Stove Fulgor

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