The price of the PCD2 lets you easily accept P2 cards from a ton of popular cameras, but without making a big investment in one tapeless format or another. Can folks please tell me what solutions they have come up with here with hubs and such to power it? USB mini-B connector x 2 Accessories: Newsletter Sign Up Weekly email with exclusive deals, unique new products, how-to videos and so much more! Javascript Disabled Javascript is currently disabled or unsupported in your browser. That took just 5 minutes, 4 seconds!

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Panasonic Aj-pcd2 P2 Single Card Reader

But more importantly, it’s expandable, letting you add optional gear that can make post-production workflows far more efficient. Curious to come to terms with its long list feature set, Creative COW leader Helmut Kobler took one home panasonic aj-pcd2 two weeks and gave it a panasonic aj-pcd2.

From there, you can offload its contents to a hard drive, aj-pc2d the card’s metadata, import the footage directly into every major video editor, and even edit footage directly from the card. Mac Pro to internal rpm hard panasonic aj-pcd2 Free shipping on almost every order placed on our website. If you didn’t want to spring for the Rolls-Royce of card readers, you could always hook your camera directly up to a computer, but that was clumsy and impractical.

By the time that footage gets to an editor, it’s already organized and ready to go.

This makes the PCD2 a great tool for field producers — just take your cards into the field, and when your cameraman hands panaspnic back, you can use utilities like Panasonic’s free P2 CMS app or P2 Panasonic aj-pcd2 to open the cards, review footage, type in custom clip names, mark panasonic aj-pcd2, etc. In this review, Creative COW leader Helmut Kobler panasonic aj-pcd2 a panasonic aj-pcd2 at a unique portable drive — the G-Drive Mobile — from a company panasoinc been building media-focused drives for years.

But a two grand card reader is obviously not for everyone. In contrast to other single-slot offerings, the PCD2 will afford complete flexibility and reliability in addition to being a low-cost solution.

AJ-PCD2 | Professional Camera Solutions

Here are his impressions. Weekly panasonic aj-pcd2 with exclusive deals, panasonic aj-pcd2 new products, how-to videos and so much more!

He’s also written three editions panasonic aj-pcd2 Final Cut Pro for Dummies. We were using the Panasonic card reader to download footage last night.

Panasonic Aj-pcd2 P2 Single Card Reader | eBay

And laptop users could, for a while, buy a third-party card reader panasonic aj-pcd2 a Duel Adapter, which connected to laptops through an increasingly rare ExpressCard slot. Such was the state of P2 card readers until the PCD2 came along recently. panasonic aj-pcd2

panasonic aj-pcd2 As I said, you can actually plug a P2 card into aj-pce2 PCD2, and edit or footage directly off the card. Will an ipod or iphone panawonic ac adaptor work?

It started shipping in panasonic aj-pcd2 last couple of months, which is about 3 years later than it should have. Newsletter Sign Up Weekly email with exclusive deals, unique new products, how-to panasonic aj-pcd2 and so much more! Newsletter Sign Up Weekly email with exclusive deals, unique new products, how-to videos and so much more!

As long as you have Panasonic’s Panasonic aj-pcd2 drivers installed, any card you slip into the PCD2 will mount on your computer. But panaosnic we would need to upgrade our computers to take advantage of panasonic aj-pcd2 increased transfer speed.

Don’t get me wrong: Oh panasonic aj-pcd2 better late than never. Are these considered advances to P2CMS? For more information, go to www.

Compact, lightweight, equipped with a newly designed 5. But if you’re transferring a few cards here and there, then most people can live with the PCD2’s speed which often gets ppanasonic 2 and 4 times faster than real-time speed. panasonic aj-pcd2


This item is no longer available. Panasonic aj-pcd2 you’re shooting and transferring hours and hours of footage a panasonic aj-pcd2, it probably isn’t appropriate. ShotPut Pro streamlines an important part of panasonic aj-pcd2, solid-state workflows: But the fact is the PCD2 is highly portable, works reliably with just about every computer around, is fast enough for most offloading work, and is still affordable for anyone but a hobbyist.

Can folks please panasonic aj-pcd2 me what solutions they have come up with here with hubs and such to power it?